Who am I?

Well I’m crazy as can be seen by pictures in my header—


I have just started in the blogging world after having spent the past 2 years reading tons and tons of blogs found in my blog roll. I am a junior at Carnegie Mellon University, studying biology and psychology on a pre-med track. Originally born in NY, I lived in San Francisco, CA (1yr-6yrs), Lahore, Pakistan (6yrs-11yrs), Lexington, MA (11yrs-18yrs) and now go to college in Pittsburgh (18yrs-now–almost 21!!!). I was facing a lot of pressure, confusion and unhappiness the last semester at college and so I decided to take a semester off and deal with my “demons” at home. I began to “lose myself” and the person I know to be me, this last semester so I packed up my stuff and came home to live with my parents and sort through my life. I decided the biggest focus this semester was to figure out 1. Who I wanted to be, 2. Who I was and 3. Who I am. Sounds simple right? NOpe–one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I realized that the best therapy required the persence of my family, my writing and the person I knew to be me (the person I had forgotten). Fast forward about 4 months and I am in a MUCH better state of mind than I ever have been. I’ve also been trying to lose some poundage I packed on through that period of darkness (having drowned my sorrows in cupcakes, brownies and breads). So far I’ve lost about 8 or 9lbs and wouldn’t mind (read: WOULD REALLY REALLY LIKE TO) lose another 10 or so lbs. I work part-time as a volunteer at a hospital , with the Child Life Program, helping kids ease into the hospital setting with minimal stress/anxiety. I also work part-time at the Gap to make some money to support my hungry ass—well, my ass isn’t very hungry. It actually is rather full and bountiful 😀 —but the rest of me does get hungry once in a while, and I figure that I might as well feed it. I’m a huge foodie. Love foods. I’d bathe in them, if I didn’t mind being sticky, smelly, gooey or burnt (note: talking about hot foods with this adjective).

img_08101I have a beautiful family that has MANY different colorful characters (including a genius father, mother out to heal the world, punk rocker brother and revolutionary idealist for another brother) I’m sure I’ll be introducing to you over the next few months. I have a wonderful boyfriend who makes me laugh, teaches me how to be the best version of myself and puts up with crazykud when she makes her monthly appearance. He also makes a nice pillow to cuddle, has a beautiful personality  and isn’t too bad to look at either :D. This is us, in case you were wondering:

img_0094I love rom-coms, romance novels, brownies, Pakistani food, Bollywood, tons of tv, dancing, clubbing, friending (the act of being with friends, and making new friends), shopping (although that love has diminished since I started workng in retail), baking, reading, showering and frolickin in the rain. I’m low maintence and just overall pretty natural in the way I take care of myself, and maintain my appearance. I speak Urdu, Spanish and English, can read Arabic (although no understanding comes forth from reading said language) and studied Latin for two years. I’ll probably update this section more as I go, but this is a brief synopsis of what it is to be me.


2 responses to “About

  1. welcome to the blog world! cant wait to read more!

  2. Very cool blog- love your story. I’m new to the blog world too. I’ll stay tuned!

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