Monthly Archives: June 2009

It’s been a while!

Sorry I haven’t been updating more regularly. I promise I”ll get better in that department. I’m trying to figure out what the blog exactly does for me. There’s a series of questions going on in my mind–does the blog encourage my neurosis with all these healthy and fit, or does it give me an outlet for “the crazy”. Do I end up being more healthy in my behaviors? Do I care how many people read my blog? Do I want more readers? It’s interesting—I have the type of personality–once I start something, I want to be REALLY REALLY good at it. I don’t know if I”m competitive or not, but I want to be the best not because I want to be better than others but because I think taht I can always compete with myself. Now I know that people who have really popular blogs end up spending 20-25 hours a week just on their blog posts/comments. That’s A WHOLE lot of time and even though they get so much cool payback including a pretty penny, I’m not sure I want to spend hours and hours in front of a computer screen when there’s a WHOLE world sitting outside my door waiting to be explored. I want to go out, go biking, running, swimming and spend tons of time with my family/friends. The problem about the internet is that it sucks you in and pretty soon you from saying “I’m just going to check this one post” to checking 10 or 15 or even 20 blogs, updating your face book account and mindlessly wandering through the deep recesses of the internet to look at things you barely give 5 seconds of thought to any given day. I’ve been there. I’ve spent hours just looking at actors/actresses bios….people I don’t even KNOW. I’m not even a fan for many of them but somehow I wanna know minute details of their life. The internet is addicting.

I still enjoy it. It’s like any guilty pleasure—instead of buying US weekly or People magazine, i can just go to celebrity websites. Instead of reading how I lost this weight success stories, I can just go to any number of health/food/fitness blogs to get eth same degree of inspiration. So I’ve been limiting my internet time a little more. Trying to get out more.

Who is this new woman? I’m completing fitness feats I haven’t thought ever possible. Running mileS! PLURAL. I’m biking so much too. I’ve biked at least 25-30 miles this past week and ran 4 miles both sunday and this morning. I am not setting limits. THat would be too limit-ing. I’m pushing my body farther than I ever thought it could go. I’m weighing myself but just as a tracker to make sure I”m not gaining weight by overcompensating in the eating department. I dont’ want to wonder how many calories I need to cut out to lose weight. I don’t want to lift up my shirt and sigh in resignation at my flabby stomach. I want to be capable. And think of food in terms of nourishment. I want to run marathons and do triathlons. I’m making a pledge to my body to be “able” and “capable” and do IT justice by not letting the mental hesitations get to me. I think you should make those pledges too!

I have a physics II exam on Friday so we’ll see how that goes. Programming is fun and I like my classmates in both classes. I went to a Pakistani version of a bachlorette party this past weekend and so I”ll put up some pics. I think that’s the update i have for now!