I’m Bizack

Ok first off:

Is anyone still reading my blog? I really wanna know. I’m sorry I’ve not been super present lately. Just was sooo busy with my aunt and my cousins. Trying to have a good time while facing my aunt’s illness was difficult but I’m so glad and grateful that I was able to spend this time with her on her almost-birthday.

Summer classes have officially started. I woke up this morning at 6am (eek!) and go to UMAss Lowell to take my Physics II course. The professor is this interesting old senile-physics type personality who constantly refers to himself in third person. I thnk it’ll be difficult but go by really fast. Programming was in Boston and I had to take the train to the Train Station.

Which leads to my victory of athleticism and fitness today! I biked all the way from Lexington to Cambridge on the bike path today and that was at least 7 miles each way. I of course didn’t do that in one go–I bike to the train station. Went to class. Came back and biked home. Evening hours are a little more sketch and there were so many 12year olds-18 year olds I saw in sketchy clothes.  I guess this is where all the delinquents go to do their drugs etc. Super sketchy, but better awkward middle schoolers than creepy ol’ men.

Scale is up to 163.4lbs this morning. But I’m not worried since I ALWAYS gain weight at my aunt’s house. it’ll probably disappear by the end of the week. Last week I worked out 3x with some walking, swimming and jogging—I jogged for 30 minutes straight which is a HUGE record for me.

If you are reading–please leave a comment. Just so I know that someone’s paying attention to my senile ways. Otherwise, I’ll just dwell in my insanity. Have a good night folks! More fun blog posts are on their way 😀


3 responses to “I’m Bizack

  1. You’re too funny! Thanks for comment 🙂

    Congrats on your run, woohoo!

    I don’t like going to school when its nice out, but I only have 4 weeks left and its a psychology which I like not anything like physics…that I would die in!

  2. I will forever and always be reading! I might fall behind a few days here and there … but I do that with my own! 🙂

    Your physics prof sounds pretty much like every single physics prof I’ve ever known … with the exception of the one who taught my “Science of Light” course (basically physics for photographers) who was a spaced out hippie who insisted we call him Taj.

    I think his name was really Eric.


  3. I’m reading.

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