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Hello World.

Sorry I’ve been absent. There have been a lot of thoughts just floating around in my mind. Some pointless. Some not. Do you ever have those weeks where your mind is just buzzing but there is nothing coherent or even remotely revolutionary–and yet you feel like those thoughts affect your mood so deeply. Am I making any sense? Probably not. But here are a few snippets of what’s going on in my life:

1. I’m in Michigan right now. I’m here for the week until Next Monday. Pictures will be forthcoming. But for now I’m just going to tell you that I”m spending time bonding with the family. It’s good. It’s emotional. And it’s very draining. And I want to run up to my room and hide out a lot of the time. There’s some security and solace and denial in being alone. And you don’t get yelled at as much. And you don’t have to face realities or pretend that there’s a reality there’ s not. I’m with my aunt (who is currently sick) and my uncle and cousins. And my own familly of course. And it’s both emotionally filling and draining at the same time. There are so many emotions to deal with. And yet so many I’ve shoved down into the very pits of my belly.

2. On the health and fitness front–Weight stayed the same. 161.4lbs. And I’m good with that. Last week I ate more than I had previously and only worked out one of the seven days. Today I went for a long walk. Got some bloody blisters on my feet. This week I’m aiming for like 1800 cals 5/7 days. Well I ate more than 1800 the past two days and from today (Weds-Sun) I’m shooting for around 1800. Obviously I’m on vacation. Can’t stringently count calories, nor do I want to. But the fact is that I’m guesstimating. And in the long run, that is what counts. For reals. It’s the effort that makes the differences between the losers and gainers. Ok, but enough preachiness.

3. I read the Kirsti Alley article in People Magazine and HATED IT. Like truly was very frustrated with it. The self-hate with which Kirstie Alley talked about herself disgusted me and horrified me. I don’t care how much you weigh. What size jeans you wear—you are never “gross” or “disgusting’ or even “ugly”. I wish I could shove her into a hospital room of burn victims and see how her vanity manifested itself then. She has a beautiful face, beautifl body and capable limbs. She is 58. She should have the wisdom at this point to see that. I hate that the industry has allowed a woman to consume herself with feelings of self-hatred and self-doubt. She’s an accomplished woman and she should never let her body weight or shape or measurments detract from that. Anyways i could rant a lot more on this–and nothing I’ll say hasn’t been said before. But I am truly frustrated for this woman and pity her not for the size of her butt, but for the views she has on said size.

4. I went to Target the other day and treated myself to some fun stuff:

IMG_1850 Some fun stuff for my bike–A cute helmet and jelly seat that should cushion some of those bumps on the sidewalk

IMG_1851Some yummy luna bars and Cliff Z bars. Of course the luna bars have since been consumed and I’m working myself through the Cliffs!

IMG_1848New Hair product! Pantene Pro-V curl holding spray. Will review that later. And Biore Blackhead removing pads. Must use those later.

So there you have your Food, Fitness and Fashion Update. Haha. Target satisfies ALL my needs…Now if only Target and I could reproduce together…Alas not ALL my needs. Although give it another 100 years and I”m sure they’ll be selling “make-your-own-baby” kits that involve genetic contributions from various men and you can pick and choose.

And I decided to wear a special shirt in honor of my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday. I wore the shirt I wore the day we met–So here’s what I looked like (approximately) the day we met and I smiled and him and began my bollywood romance.


Sorry I’ve been absent. I’m back and will be blogging much more frequently. Just a little quiet in general. Will be back to my bubbly self soon with many more uplifting thoughts. Hope all is well in blogland and can’t wait to stop by all of your blogs as well!


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