Week 3: Challenge Update plus Food pics from the party!

Ok so we’re back to the challenge–Today is Sunday and as usual, I post up pics of my progress in a 360 degree photo spread, write down my weight and analyze what I did right in the past week and what I hope to accomplish:

Here’s the posts for

Week 1

Week 2

You probably won’t be able to see many differences but I’m hoping posting these pictures will give me motivation during the week, help me see just how beautiful my body truly is and help me overcome the body dysmorphia fed to me by society every second of every day by every single media outlet there is. Of course I will see very small changes over time—Over 10lbs or 15lbs but for now, it’s gradual loss with pictures documenting each week.

My weight this morning was 161.2lbs making for a loss of 1.4lbs!!! That’s a great loss and I’ll definitely take it considering that I ate how I wanted and still managed to lose. Here are my pics!

Photo 91Photo 89Photo 93Photo 92

One thing I’m really sad to see is that my butt is going. 😦

I really love my bootylicious body and it’s slowly melting away. I need to find a way to melt the fat around my thighs and stomach without losing my butt. I am doing lunges, squats and walking on incline but still my butt refuses to stay and witness the ass-kickin’ into shape. I’ve kicked my ass so hard, it’s left….Hopefully when the rest of the fat melts, the glorious badunkadunk will return in some capactiy back to me.

Good things I did this week:

1. I worked out 3/3 times. I did the p90x legs and back video for like 70 minutes one day, I walked on the treadmill/jogged on a high incline for 45 minutes one day and I biked 5-7 miles on Friday. I’ll take it!

2. I ate around 1800 calories 4 days and 2100 the other 3 days. Considering this week was my TOM, I’m not too sad to see those numbers or ashamed. I think I kept it really reasonable.

3. I didn’t weigh myself until Saturday. So here’s my weighing philosphy: I don’t weigh myself during the week. I DO weigh myself twice a week–once on Saturday and once on Sunday. That way, if there’s any discrepancies related to sodium concentrations/water retention, dehydration, TOM etc. I kind of mitigate it. Then I pick the lower number….Now that might not be ENTIRELY accurate–but frankly WHO cares. I’m not a science experiment where all the data has to be averaged and accounted for. As long as I always weigh-in both days and pick the lower number, I”ll be consistently weighing in each week. This weighing in on Saturday morning and Sunday morning also ensures that I don’t to crazy over the weekend eating wise or calorie wise. Of course, considering the fact that I work both Saturday and Sunday most weekends, I dont’ really have an opportunity to go crazy eating wise.

4. I showed some self-love. VERY VERY important on this journey–make a promise to love yourself weekly to start, and then maybe daily and maybe all the time. Work really hard on showing some self-love because that’s one of the big roots or foundations for successful weight loss over long-term.

5. I had a couple Green Smoothies.

Things I’d like to do this week:

1. Workout 3 times this week. For this working-out thing to stick I need to start out doing 3 times/month for the first month, then maybe up it to 4 times/month, then 5 etc. You get the idea. I started out with 2-3 and think I can accomplish 3 times per week pretty successfully. There’s no need to jump into a work-out regime that you can’t sustain or even maintain. Accept going slow and building up.

2. Eat 1800 calories 4-5 days and 2100 calories for the other two. This week is not TOM, and so I have less hormonal impulses to eat or emotionally express myself through food. I can do this!

3. Drink 4-5 green smoothies. Get those vitamins for real!

4. Show some self-love. This week my exercise will be to stand in front of a mirror naked and look COMPLETELY objectively. Critique the body the way I would a beautiful piece of art or painting. NO judgment and no hatred. super hard! but I should try and do it!

I’ll check back next week with the next challenge update. But here are pictures of the fabulous food I had last night!! πŸ˜€

IMG_1802Nargisi Koftey (beef meatballs with hardboiled eggs)

IMG_1804Aloo (Boiled potatos with lots of spices and herbs)

IMG_1807Chicken Jalfreezi (Chicken with red and green bell peppers)

There was also some Tandoori Chicken that I didn’t photograph and some Haleem and Palau

IMG_1808Lauki ka Halwa (A pakistani dessert made by stewing Butternut Squash with milk and sugar)

That’s real silver on the top that is made edible. It’s a common decoration in desserts to make you feel super decadent πŸ˜€

IMG_1814Chocolate Cheesecake!!!

There was also Carrot Cake and a pakistani dessert called Jalebi and some Vanilla Icecream

I didn’t even get a chance to photograph the 4-6 different types of breads we served. Overall, it was a true feast and I kept my portions super reasonable. I took a plate and covered half of it with salad–then I grabbed a little bit of everthing. And for dessert, I got it after everybody else and limitied myself to slivers of my favorite desserts. The chcolate Cheesecake wasΒ  a HUGE hit!!!

Now I”m off to go to work from 11:30-7pm. Have I got your mouth watering yet? πŸ˜€


4 responses to “Week 3: Challenge Update plus Food pics from the party!

  1. the cheesecake came out beautiful! congrats on your loss, you’re doing so well!!

  2. Hottie McHottie! Great job on your loss and your goals this past week. Food is decadent πŸ™‚

  3. Can you pls come to my house and make the Aloo? thx. πŸ™‚

    you’re looking great, girl!

  4. u are doing fabulous!!

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