Today’s Plans


I did study til 3:15pm, completing three chapters in my MCATS. Did not end up biking or working out. Ended up lying down like a bum and just chilling. However, I did consume 2100 calories today, so I’ll try to squeeze in a workout after the gap of about 40 or so minutes on the treadmill to burn off those 300-400 extra calories. Then maybe some yoga. Let’s make that happen 😀

Quick Post with my schedule:

11-1ish: Study for MCATS

1:30-3: Yoga/Ab Ripper

3-4:30 Bike to Stop and Shop and pick up the following groceries:

-spinach, kale, cream cheese, sour cream, sugar, white flower, bananas, strawberries, springform pan etc.

4:30-5:30 eat

6-9:30 work at the GAP

Then I’m free to bake and do whatever I want. I’ll see if I can get some fun cheesy pictures in the mix. I feel like baking today and I might do that later at night. I’m picking up my best friend from the airport tomorrow and that should be fun. Lots of fun stuff planned!


2 responses to “Today’s Plans

  1. If you bake you’ll have to post pictures 🙂

  2. Ah… I wish that I could bake. Maybe I should learn how to bake some things that are good, but not so good that I’m tempted to eat it all. *laughs* Pumpernickel, anyone? lol

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