The Weekend Update

First of all–Thanks for SUCH SUCH lovely comments. Dang Girl is the best phrase to uplift someone who’s been feeling periody and gross…Thanks ya’ll.

Ok sorry this post took a day too long, but yesterday was rather crazy hectic and today-thursday I have off from the hospital so I have a second to breathe and get together my thoughts.

As a person, I’m rather kind of lame–not in a personal sense but in a lack-of-a-party-animal-instinct sense. I’d much rather curl up in my bed with a good book, junky carbs and some laptop tv action rather than go through the painstaking effort of getting dolled up, to go to a hot, sweaty club for 10$ only to be danced on by drunk gross guys. And the sad truth is that I’m only 20/2months shy of 21. I should be out partying, interacting and exploring the city (I Heart Boston). So this past week, I decided that instead of spending time on my bed just lying and watching tv and noshing on junk food, I’d get out and go to concerts/enjoy my time at various social affairs. Here’s the weekend play-by-play:

Friday: I worked from 10-3, and got home around 5ish. Then I spent about 2 hours just carbo-loadaing (PMS-ing like WOAH). My brother and his friend were at home and both asked if I wanted to go to a concert in Allston, MA. They said a group from Portual with Angola-inspired beats (I.e. Afro-portuguese) music was going to be there along with a famous DJ from philly known as DJ Sega. I said “sure” figuring why not burn a few calories dancing all those carbs off and just getting in the swing of things. The group was called : Buraka Som Sistema and they were fantastic. Really realy fun. I ended up dancing from like 10pm-1am straight with both Dj Sega and Buraka Som Sistema playing fantastic stuff. I danced in the fron of the stage and even got serenaded by one of the artists. Both artists came by to shake my hands a couple times and I even got pulled up stage in the end to dance with “all the pretty ladies”. At the end of the concert the handsome singer even kissed my cheek good bye. I can’t tell if that was Portuguese custom, or “girl-you-ARE FINE” custom. Either way, I got kissed by a celebrity who won the European Music Awards for Best Portuguese Artist! It was so much fun and such a good self-esteem boost. A gay black man booty popped on me to impress one of my brother’s friends. I just laughed and danced along with him, figuring–a gay man is so much safer to dance with than any gross drunk straight guys. It was overall a good night and I ended up going to bed at like 3am.

Next day, I had to work from 10-3. Somewhat Long day at the GAp. but it was ok and went by pretty fast. I then went bra shopping with my mom and made all the macy’s sales rep laugh with the funny banter my mom and I were exchanging. they said we should get our own tv show, based on how funny we were.

At night my family and I went to see a famous Pakistani Pop Artist named Shahzad Roy. I didn’t really know too much of his music but decided to act like his number one fan and just scream/dance my body off. Why not? I try not to take myself too seriously in life and just have a good time when the opportunity presents itself. Despite not having too much of a social life in terms of partying, I am REALLY fun to be with and tend to have very little inhibitions in terms of having a good time. I do not drink and never have needed to because more-often-than-not, I play the part of the “drunk chick” better than any girl who’s ever imbibed. I’ll have no qualms going to an empty dance floor and dancing my booty off, nor do I try to act in any way that tries to solicit boys. I act like myself and adopt a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude. So I got to the party and hung out with some friends. Then I found out that Shahzad Roy was standing outside of the door of the Hotel Banquet room.

I just went upto him and started talking.  I told him how I was Pakistani but American born,bred and raised and thus was often confused about my own self-identification. I made him laugh and I know he wanted to talk more to me–but he had to go in and perform. I decided to take a silly picture for my own gratification:

img_1758 My friend Manizeh is on the right and I’m the crazy looking girl on the left. I was just trying to be ironic: As in–“omfg, i’m so excited, i’m  your number one fan, look at me, I’m excited, take a picture with me. do it. do it. do it. do me. marry me. make babies with me. Etc.” haha. He’s married, btw. Just married a vj in January. But nonetheless, I’m allowed to act crazy every now and then if it involves a Pakistani pop artist and the very crazy looking photo that gives me laughs the next day.

Now we all went into the hall to attend the performance. He started singing and no one was really dancing. So my mom got up and pulled me to the dance floor and for a good 2-3 minutes we were the only ones dancing. But by the end of the party there were a good number of ppl on the dance floor. And between each song, Shahzad Roy would personally ask my mother and I to get on the dance floor and dance. Here are some pictuers of us dancing:

img_1764img_1765img_1766Clearly I know how to get down 😀

At the end of the concert, I went into the hotel lobby to sit and wait for my friend to come and take me home. And Shahzad Roy (Pakistani-pop-artist)  came into the lobby swarmed by a circle of fans. His eyes met mine and her personally smiled and waved as if he knew me. Everybody turned around to see who he saw, and “knew”. I clearly made an impression because as he left, he turned around and waved goodbye again. The 6th grade girl in me squeeled and said something akin to “OMFG, the pakistani-pop-artist man totally noticed me. Like woah!”. I’m sure there’s some teenage girl livin in Pakistan right now hoping that Shahzad Roy could notice her too and to her, I wanna say “if I did it, you can too!” I got home at like midnight and went to bed.

But before going to sleep, i took this adorable picture with my older brother:

img_1780I worked on Sunday from 1-7 at the Gap and came home to a quiet house to unwind from SO MUCH SOCIALIZATION. Exhausting, I tell you. But overall, tons and tons of fun! I’ll show you guys more pictures if I get any more. But that was what happened this weekend.

Today I did the first of 4 activity days. I worked out for 1 hour an then some to the P90x legs and back video. Tomorrow will probably be Ab Ripper in the P90x series and an hour of yoga. Stop by and show me some love, because you know it brightens my day 😀


2 responses to “The Weekend Update

  1. Sounds like fun. I’m like you and prefer to hang at home or go to friends houses to play games, etc. But once in a while it is so fun to get out and shake your groove thang!!!

  2. looks like you had so much fun at the concert! especially with all that dancing!!

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