Each day I make better and better decisions and also make an effort to feel lighter. I chopped off like 4-5 inches off my hair yesterday.  I did it symbolically for myself, in an effort to show me that I am letting go. I mean I love love love having long hair and I will enjoy this hairstyle for as long as it stays, but I also have to acknowledge that I look best with the long wavy tresses. Still, my hair is short and cute and summery.

I feel this long sigh or release. I have been working out consistently—I swam last night for about 45 mins, and have already met my goal of working out 3 times this week. I might go swimming on Sat and Sunday too if time permits. I feel so active and healthy and nourished.

I also love NOT weighing in. It helps me make better choices for my body that are less superficial. I gave away a bunch of my clothes yesterday–anything too short or too tight. I gave them to my much shorter and smaller cousin-in-law and neice. I’m trying to go for a more sophisticated, older look. While my hair makes me look cuter and somewhat younger. I’m just growing up right before my own eyes. I can see the changes in some ways. I’m trying to deal better with decisions, be less impulsive and make adult choices. I’m letting go of my judgemental nature in some ways and trying ot rekindle things with lost friends.

Overall I think this journey to health is manifesting itself in deeper roots. Every morning I have a green smoothie and it helps me make better decisions throughout the day. I’m PMS-ing today but don’t anticipate it derailing my diet in any crazy way. Hopefully I’ll just be able to take it one little meal at  a time and go from there. I’m in the zone and I think I need to stay here.

Today I work at the Hospital until 4 or 5. Tomorrow Gap 10-5, then a concert with my mommy! Sunday Gap 1-7….And then the regular workweek begins.

I have been baking cheesecakes and they’ve been turning out AWESOME! I’ve done chocolate and coffee so far. This week, my mom’s throwing a party and I have plans to bake 3 or 4 different cheesecakes for the guests. I’ll be sure to take some great pictures so you guys can see how they look! Hasta la Vistsa, babay!


3 responses to “Catharsis

  1. I think that your hair looks incredibly cute. 😮 )

  2. your hair is just adorable

  3. You always have the greatest pictures and I LOVE your hair! Can’t wait to see those cheesecakes, too … mmmmm … cheesecake …

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