Terrific Tuesday?

Let’s see how this Tuesday ends, but so far so good!

It’s officiall—I’m a Green Smoothie Convert. I love them. Right now I”m having one with 3 cups of Spinach, (20cal), *can barely taste them!!*, 1 banana (100 cals), 4-5 strawberries (50 cals), 1/2cup Vanilla soymilk(50cals), 1/2cup 1%milk (50cals), 1/2 scoop Chocolate Protein Powder (50cals)=about 320cals.

So it’s a dense snack. I try to eat 300 calories every 3 hours, for dinner often combining the two mini snacks for a 600cal meal. So this is one of my little meals. It’s just amazing that you can squeeze so many servings of veggies and fruits in a delicious meal like that. I’m a pure convert. And I’ve noticed a couple things–my psoriasis is clearing. And I’m not sure if that’s due to the weather (it’s weird but sunlight is HIGHLY encouraged and my doctors ask me to get the maximum sun exposure possible without getting burned) or the vitamin/minerals from the drink. Like literally lesions I’ve had all my life are clearing right up. Also my period is coming and I’m hoping this smoothie will help ease the transition along with the workouts (I’m a SUPER symptomatic menstruator–is that a word!? haha). I think the iron in the spinach will keep me fortified too. So I’ve only had 3 so far hahahaha but I’m hoping that 2-3 weeks of smoothie-sipping will give me more information on my New Religion (Smoothism) and I’ll let you know more about the benefits I’m reaping.

I’ve ditched the scale on the daily. I now try to weigh myself once a week. here’s the deal–there is TOO MUCH BULLSHIT associated with me weighing daily. I’m not sure about you and I’m not here to judge-but my best mental sanity and eating habits come when I treat it like a once-a-week-booty-call rather than a needy-whiny-i-love-you-don’t-leave-me completely dependent messed up relationship. I also know that I self-sabotage less and feel better about my body when this happens. As I become more athletic and self-assured in my body health, I’ll ditch the scale completely. But for now, it’s once a week for me until otherwise notified.

Today the good things I’ve done Today:

1. I only stuck to one hour of television (I have been ignoring a social life for too many tv shows. I think once a week it’s fine to watch 5 hours of tv but NOT EVERY NIGHT). I work too hard. And so to unwind, I park myself in front of a tv and turn my mind off. But it’s summer. I want to be outside, leave my windows open to smell the fresh air and bike places. Tv can happen but not all day long when I”m free.

2. I chose to spend the other 2 hours of my free morning working out…I only worked out specifically for one hour but you know the other hour gets lost somewhere along “waking up/dragging my booty out of bed”, “drinking a cup of tea” and “changing into my workout clothes.” I did 30 minutes of the P90x back/legs workout and did 30 minutes of Beginner Yoga on the Yoga Channel on Youtube. If you want free yoga lessons, you should check it out. Free videos of yoga sessions that are over 30-40 minutes long. I HIGHLY recommend it. It’s free and the instructor is FANTASTIC in the beginner video I did. So check that video out!!


One response to “Terrific Tuesday?

  1. I loved this post, especially the part about the scale:)!

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