Monday: A New Day, A New Challenge

So next Sunday the Biggest Loser Blog Edition 2 will end and I will have to develop a new motivation in my life (besides good health yadda yadda) for shaking things up in the health aspect of my life.

Now on Friday I began thinking of ways I could challenge myself. I first thought to do a competition like thing with my boyfriend–but that wouldn’t work. We’re too completely different places in our health journey. I thought of setting poundage goals–but that’s not really what my ultimate goal is. My ultimate goal is to be FIT and ATHLETIC. I mean I’d like to be in the 150s for both vanity’s sake and the stupid BMI charts (that I do not want to believe in, but are used by most health institutions to determine health risks etc.) which now declare me overweight but in the 150s will say I’m “normal” WHATEVER THAT MEANS. Sorry–tangent.

Anyways, I am going to “bare” all. I mean that I will be posting pictures of myself in 360 degrees and assess myself with biweekly or weekly pictures to assess the differences. I want to be an athlete. I need to step my game up and summer is the season in which I feel lightweight, healthy, fresh and alive–I feel like I can DO ANYTHING. so without further ado:

I introduce Kudret’s “I-Wanna-Be-An-Athelte-and-get-off-my-fat-arse” challenge…

I will just introduce athletic goals, and improve on my week to week activity levels. I will eat better. I will take measurements. And I will take measurements. Nothing super fancy schmancy or even of real interest to ya’ll. But this is MY blog and I do want some form of keeping track. And if you guys are my own version of Jillian and Bob then so be it.

Here are pics of me in a sports bra and bicyclist shorts (thank God I”m not a man and don’t really have embarssing parts that portrude…Note to Old Men–Please do not wear biking shorts “just cuz”. It’s traumatic. And unforgettable.)

As you can see–There’s a lot of potential there to work with and improvement to be done as well. I love my body. I can list 10000 things I love about it and this is not supposed to be self-deprecating or not self-loving. I actually am putting these pictures up in a way to empower myself. I just think that I need to have visual proof of what I look like now and how far I can come.

Here are my measurements:

Taken on 4/26/2009

bust: 37
underbust: 31
stomach: 31
hips: 37.5
butt: 40.5
lthigh: 24.5

(In inches)

I just want my stomach and waist to go in. Other measurements should get smaller or leaner rather but I’m not afraid of “bulking up” as many girls claim they are. I think that’s stupid. I want to look like a strong, capable woman who is able to cut open the  human body and heal, who can birth children, and  WHO CAN OPEN HER OWN DAMN CAN OF PICKLES.

My weight yesterday was 164.8lbs. I also ate my weight in sushi on saturday  night so I know that sure as hell wasn’t accurate since my rings were choking on my fingers from all the sodium bloat. they’re looser now. But I’m not weighing myself til Sunday because….Well i’m slowly empowering myself to move away from the scale.

Here are good things I’ve done in the past 24 hours:

1. I started making these Green Smoothies (like “Green Monsters” from Angela’s blog Oh She Glows)

2. Yesterday was day 1 of my activity days: I did P90x Ab Ripper workout (I couldn’t do more than 5 or 6 reps/exercise, and I half-assed them at that–So MUCH IMPROVEMENT TO BE DONE!). I also walked to the gas station (1.5mi) to fill my bike tires with air and biked home(1.5mi). I also did 100 squats (and felt light-headed). Today I’m sore in a delicious “i-kicked-my-own-ass” kind of way. It feels good.

Things I want to do this week:

1. Make Green Smoothies 3-5 times this week (2 handfuls spinach, 1 banana, 3-4 strawberries, 1/2cup soymilk, 1/2 cup 1% milk, 1/2 scoop Protein powder)–I will be testing out several variations.

2. Aim for another 2-3 days of activity beyond the usual.

3. Take pics/weight measurements next sunday.

What are all of your summer plans??


3 responses to “Monday: A New Day, A New Challenge

  1. Those green smoothies are pretty good, huh? Sounds like you have a great plan!

  2. I want to open my own pickles too!!! *laughs*

  3. You look great, keep it up. I also loathe the BMI.

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