Beautiful day in Beantown

First of all, I want to express my heartiest condolences and grief for one of the bloggers I keep up with daily. Please just stop by Jenna’s blog, Eat Live, Run , and let her know that you’re there for her, because she lost her 19 year old brother this morning. I have a brother who’s 19, and he’s my twin in life. If I were to ever lose him, I know I’d feel as though I’d lost a piece of myself and just feel so deeply for her and her family at this loss in their lives.

The Day-to-Day UPDATE:

Summer classes start May 26th. Can’t wait to be a student again! I know it’s silly and when I’m actually in school–I HATE the stress, pressure and competition, but there’s so much security in being a student again and just having to focus on the books. I still will probably work at the GAP on weekends and will volunteer once a week for that month but aside from that, it’s school all the way. I’m taking a Physics II course and Programming (Intro to Java). I don’t really think I’ll enjoy either but the fact that I get to carry a backpack again and have “homework” is super exciting for me (I know it’s only been like 4 months since i left school….but I’m a diehard student to the core).

Now what did I do today—Well it’s about 82 degrees here in Boston, and I feel wonderful. I woke up and knew I had to do something I do every season–>

img_17441 Spring Cleaning!!! I always switch out my summer clothes and winter clothes. I think it’s so exciting and fun for me! When I open up the box of summer clothes or suitcase of winter sweaters, I feel like I’ve discovered  a whole batch of new clothes because I’ve forgotten about most of them. Plus I have memories attached to certain items of clothing (the blue silk shirt I wore the day Rick saw me and I saw him; the white shirt I wore to our first date. The shorts I wore to NY etc. etc. etc.) and seeing them again rehashes all those thoughts/memories and brings a smile to my face. And I encourage all smiles 😀

Look what I found in my Summer stuff—

My High School Prom Dress! Well my Junior Prom. I went with a guyfriend to HIS prom (because I had NO interest in my own) and we had a pretty good time. His girlfriend was one of my best friends but she couldn’t make it so I went with him as a favor. It was fun (although a little bit awkward) but considering I didn’t really believe in the whole Prom-“thing” I had a good time. I decided to put it on (in my bra-less, I just-woke-up  state) and take some fun pics…

It was this purple, two-toned dress that I bought for like 50 or 60$ somewhere. I wasn’t planning on going anyways, so there was NO way I was going to pay over 100$….No offense to all you ladies who did 😀img_17452




img_17531So I now remember why I lose weight during the summer. Because fresh feels GOOOOD. I was craving fruit earlier, and just popped 1 cup blueberries, cup soy milk, a couple ice cubes and 5-6 strawberries for a smoothie snack. YUMIZZLE. haha (I’m a HUGE dork). Food should be light, tasty, fresh, flavorful and small so that I feel light, and fresh. Know what I mean?!

Last week, I baked a cheesecake (chocolate cheesecake to be exact) and it was DELISH!. Today is Banana Bread Saturday. Whenever I go to Costco, I make my family buy two bags of bananas–so that I have enough (because my brother eats 1-2/day) to use when overripe for Banana Bread. I baked a banana bread loaf from this recipe but made the following substitutions:

img_17541 I halved the recipe first for only 16 servings. My mom is diabetic and my dad constantly trying to cut calories, so I used 1 cup of splenda instead of the 1.5 cups sugar. I used 3/4 cups Smart Balance instead of regular ol’ butter. I used 1 egg and 2 eggwhites. I used 3 ripe bananas as directed. Doubled the spices and added a little bit of allspice. I did not add the walnuts because I totally forgot to. Then I garnished the top with some oatmeal, cinnamon and bran.

img_17561 As you can see it looks super delicious and tastes good too. I didn’t feel any compromise in terms of taste or anything but I’ve weaned myself off of splenda and now taste some artificial aftertaste in the bread from that. If you don’t need to, I would encourage not adding splenda. Stick to the natural stuff–except I’d change white sugar for brown sugar because I like the hit of molasses.
The Fashion Update

I normally am a jeans and shirt girl at the gap, but about once or twice per week I get inspired to throw together a super cute outfit. Especially since I have to look somewhat professional and tone down my trendy side during the week at the Hospital. I decided to post an example of what I’m wearing today to work…I tried to keep it spring-like, while being weather appropriate and trendy (while choosing shapes that flatter MY body).


I think my expression is totally cheesy in the first picture but the point was to show you the outfit in the first picture. The detailing in the neckline in the second picture and the shoes that I used to match.

Alright now I’m off to shower and go to work a shift from 4-10 tonight. Then I’m off tomorrow and I get a Sunday off!! WOOHOOOO! Hope you all are having  a fabulously fit day too, and I just want to reiterate my condolences to Jenna.




2 responses to “Beautiful day in Beantown

  1. Aww super cute outfits! And the fact that you can put your highschool dress on is awesome! You look great. Goodluck with school.

  2. Kud, I’m so glad to hear you’re taking classes this summer! I’m happy to be graduating, but I know I’m going to miss being a student so much. Where are you taking them?

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