Back from the Dead

Hey everybody,

It’s time to explain my absence…

There were a few things that happened that kind of shook me and turned my world upside down:

1. My aunt (mother’s sister)  relapsed. I’ll begin with her story–She’s about 4 years older than my  mom. She was diagnoosed with a rare lympohoma in her breast in 2002. After intense chemo, she went into remission. Her potential were relapse was predicted at 2 years and after 3 years cancer-free, we all released big sighs of relief. But after 4 years, in a very rare occurrence, we found out that her cancer had metastisized to her brain. Fast forward radiation, chemo and scary moments for two years stragiht, she emerged triumphant. She had reduced the tumor to about 75% of its size and kept it stable ins ize. She took oral chemo for a year, got her lung capacity back and weaned off of oxygen. it’s been about 2 years and we all thought it might be kept stable. But this past week we found out that the tumor had metastisized to her bone marrow. Now she’ll have to undergo more chemo and a bone marrow transplant. It just made me so sad and devastated me. We look like twins. Here’s a picture of us that shows you how much I look like her

kudri-raana-khala This picture was taken IN december (the colored picture). I’m sitting at my aunt’s feet. On the other side, the black and white photo is my aunt at 16 or 17. I think we look like twins haha.

2. The second thing that happened didn’t directly affect me but did shake me up. a 19 year old Pakistani boy who was a friend of a friend (Pakistanis hang out together in groups in Boston and he was one of the kids) died due to a connective tissue disorder. He was perfectly healthy one day and the next rushed to the hospital because his aorta was not working properly. Over the course of a week, he had to first deal with losing one leg. Then they amputated the other. And then they removed his intestines. And within the next three days he was dead. And he was only 19. And this was a undetected disorder that must have genetically come into play now. It left me crying, despite not knowing him really well.

Then there were some really different cases at work. A baby who had been a car accident and who had irreperable brain damage that left him screaming randomly but incapable of doing much else. It left me crying.

So it was quite difficult of a week. But after some good crying, family time and general thought I am in a better place. I needed to escape from the internet for a little while to just breathe easier. I also wasn’t sure how much I should reveal on the blog. But I have come to terms and decided to let you guys know why i was so AWOL for the past couple days.

I will be going to visit my aunt next week for her birthday and will take lots of pictures for memories etc. I’m doing  much better in regards to that although I know that it will get harder as she gets sicker.

In other news, health and fitness wise, weight loss IS SUPER SLOW. And I think I need to start counting calories again and incorporating exercise. It’s supposed to be in the 80s here in boston starting this weekend and so I’m reading to get this booty poppin haha and get moving. I anticipate lots of walking and biking and dancing in my near future. The rest of my family is fine and we’re enjoying eachother. In about a week or week and a half I will have to start taking summer classes and my schedule will be C-RA-Z-Y. But I’m excited to be a student again. I will update tomorrow with more day-to-day stuff and for now will stop by your blogs to show you I’m alive. Thanks everybody for stopping by!!!


3 responses to “Back from the Dead

  1. You & your family will be in my thoughts and prayers! Please remember to at least TRY to take good care of you through all of this. Who knows, maybe concentrating on that a bit will help ease the stress you feel from all the rest … at least momentarily. Big hugs!!!

  2. i’m glad you’re back online, i’m really enjoying your new blog! so sorry to hear about everything you’re going through!! your aunt sounds like a very strong lady. you do look just like her!

  3. So sorry to hear about your Auntie. (hugs) to you!

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