Today’s breakfast was a grab-n-go kind of breakfast. Whoever says that you can’t make healthy food grab’n’go is making an excuse and indulging in a copout mentality. I had to grab the food because I overslept this morning—I needed that sleep to get some sort of peace of mind. I’ve accomplished some major tasks on the list (filed my taxes, gotten trascript requests faxed, fax my return from leave, done part of financial aid).  I still have to get my summer courses approved and registered. I have to do my FAFSA and finish my financial aid stuff finished. So I’m chugging away at that list. In other news: a word of advice: in boredom, do not attempt to send a text message to all of the people on your contact list that you haven’t contacted in awhile. I decided to text about 20-30 people just saying “hi, haven’t heard from you in aw hile. Wassup”. I had finger pains from trying to keep up 30 conversations on my phone. Good news: everyone’s alive and well and thinking of me too. Bad news: OW OW OW. haha.

Today’s plan is to study til 12 or 1. Volunteer from 1-3pm and then go home and chill out. I have to finish my FAFSA and financial aid stuff but otherwise I’m homefree for the night. I will be posting up lunch pics around 4 or 5pm, and maybe a late snacky dinner too. So far so good with the food blogging 😀


Today’s Brekkie included: cheese, organic unsweetened apple sauce, 1/2 of a banana, 1 cup Spiced Pecan Cereal (costco brand), 1/2 cup blackberries (guesstimate) and some strawberries.


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