Banana Bread Sunday

This morning I woke up with the insane desire to bake. Ever have one of those mornings?? I just got up, came down to the kitchen and started baking. I followed a recipe off from this website:

The only things I added/changed was I doubled the recipe to make two loaves, added cinnamon and all spice (in liberal amounts) and did 3 bananas/loaf. We’ll see how it turns out as currently it’s baking in the oven. I’ve got maybe 5-10 minutes left and then I’ll take a picture for you guys.

In terms of weight, I gained 0.6lbs this week for a weight of 162.4lbs. Not really a big deal considering 0.6lbs is like any ordinary fluctuation. I ate popcorn last night, and HELLO sodium. With that consideration, I am not sweating it and just documenting it like any good scientist and moving on.

In other news, I have to file my taxes, school financial aid, return from leave of absence form, FAFSA and other numerous forms and things. Let me make a list that I can cross out as time goes on:



3. Return from Leave of Absence Form

4. Transcripts from BC and BU

5. Summer classes


So that’s what is going to be keeping me busy these next few days aside from work etc. Forms, forms form. I’m going to have to take a deep breath and just deal with my financial reality. My fiscal nightmare as I like to call it. But once that is all done, the GOV’t will hpefully award me a couple hundred dollars that I can use for better things than our 7 billion dollar bailout which probably won’t touch me at a student level.

Today the plans are to hang out with the family (I’ll take a couple pictures of that maybe) and eat food and just chill out with a junky romance novel. Happy Easter to those of you celebrating the holiday 😀


2 responses to “Banana Bread Sunday

  1. Goodluck with your paperwork, I hate paperwork!
    Enjoy your banana bread, yum!

  2. Mmmm I love banana bread! Did it turn out well with your modifications?

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