Playing Peek-A-Boo with the sun

Today was a good day. Yesterday–not so much. I was super hormonal, realized I owed my school 10,000 dollars and got rejected for a summer job. As you can imagine, there was a lot of crying and self-pitying. This morning I embraced the whole “everything happens for a reason” mentality and moved on. I decided I would just ride this economic wave out and do what I could to better my situation. As a woman, in a world where woman are being beaten, mutilated, raped and denied rights as a human being, I find it a huge privilege to be able to get the education I need to become a doctor and get respect in this country for the field regardless of my gender, race or orientation. So I grabbed my books, my ipod and tons of snacks to walk 2 miles to the local coffee shop and park myself in a window seat where I could study and people-watch. The thing is that I am a HUGE extrovert and I cannot be alone for an extended period of time without feeling sad/anxious/lonely. I need to be somewhere where people are constantly moving in and out, interacting and I can interact as much as I want while studying in my little corner. I sit at a window seat where I can look outside but I’m in the corner so I can enjoy my iced coffee and spread out my books while still interacting with people. Does that make sense? I love people. I think everyone can tell because people are super friendly to me and I always have a good time amongst strangers. Today while sitting at my window seat, a little boy from outside ran up to the window (he wasn’t more than 18-24 months old) and he started blowing kisses at me. It was the best thing ever, and warmed my heart right up. Glancing outside  over the period of 4 hours, I even got some waves and smiles. It was really nice. And sitting there for 4.5 hours, I got some solid studying done. I will definitely be making this a routine of mine 😀

Here’s a picture of the food supplies I brought with me to tide me over (the only thing I didn’t get to was the larabar).

Food supplies In the mix were a banana, baby carrots, blackberries, 2 mini-cucumbers, bag of bell peppers, some Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips, organic applesauce and piece of cheese, Annie’s  Chedder Bunnies, Cherry Larabar

Through the course of the day I have managed to finish off everything except the larabar. I’m not sure if I’ll be hungry for much during dinner since I’ve been snacking all day. We’ll see how that goes.

I then decided to walk home from the Center of Lexington. Lexington is known for being the first site where the American minutemen shot the first shots during the Revolutionary War. Everything around Lexington is based around the theme of colonial American Minutemen engaging the British in the first Battle. In Apri, we have a holiday commemorating those first shots known as Patriot’s Day. I’m sure I’ll take Pictures on that holiday or show you guys photos of the event. Our town is so cheesy and New England much like Stars Hollow in Gilmore Girls (MY FAVORITE SHOW).

The Minuteman Statue in the Center of Lexington Our Mascot is the Minuteman or the colonial militia made up of ordinary men donning rifles and clashing with the trained British Soldiers. Our highschool team was called the minutemen and that’s the big statue in the center of our town.

the Battlegreen This is known as the Battlegreen where the first shots were fired.

img_1694Our town has tons of quaint Churches like this one scattered all over the place.  We’re very proud of our colonial roots.

So I decided to walk home through the Lexington Bike trail which goes all the way to Cambridge and thus ensued a game of peek-a-boo with the sun. I walked home around 6:45pm which is when the sun started setting. The first photo is of the bike trail but the next photos are of the sun following me home:

Lexington Bike Trailimg_1703 img_1704 img_1707img_1708

So in case you didn’t realize, all these photos were taken at different locations on my 2 mile walk home. As you can see the sun followed me home, and once it realized I was safetly at home, it decided it was ok for it to stop watching me. Such a chivalrous mass of split nuclei 😀

On a side note, I liked my outfit today. I thought it was military-inspired with the jacket I was wearing. Plus I looked like a bad-ass with my aviator shades. So I took some narcissitic photos because I liked my outfit:

img_1682img_1687 Now this badass is going to finish her applesauce, eat some Chedder Bunnies and read some romance novel/watch some tv before retiring for the night. And yes, I realize the irony in that image. Haha. I hope everyone had a good day in blog world and I’m sure I’ll find something interesting to post for tomorrow.

img_1706 Goodnight you guys!!!


One response to “Playing Peek-A-Boo with the sun

  1. Sorry about you owing the money for school, but in the long run so totally worth every penny right?
    Beautiful pictures.

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