Tatood and Loving it

Haha my title is somewhat of an april fools. I didn’t get any new tatoos or anything but I did get tatood by a little six year old I was dealing with at work today (in my job as a Child Life volunteer at the local hospital). He was obssessed with tatoos and anyone who came into the room had to get a tatoo. He gave this lucky lady two tatoos! He also asked me to paste on a whole sheet of tatoos on his little six year old back, and it was cute and silly at the same time! I love volunteering in this job. πŸ˜€

I'm a badass!

In other news, it was another gray day in Boston. It was beautiful driving through theΒ  highways and seeing the different colors of the sky. It’s so amazing to me how the earth knows how to nourish all these reborn trees and bushes and flowers that need this nutrition in the form of rain showers. So metaphorical to know that we need to be nourished and watered in order to regrow and allow ourselves to change and be reborn. I’m so silly when I’m being poetic πŸ˜‰

The view from my mother's officeThe beautiful gray of the skies

Today was a good day at work in that I managed to get a lot done. In the morning I studied for MCATs and resolved some things that need to be fixed before I go back to school from this leave of absence. I swear they make it so hard for you to get an education sometimes. Makes me mad sometimes! I did have a classy lady lunch. Haha—Chicken tenders and Caesar salad sans croutons and dressing (romaine lettuce and cheese).

Lunch 04-07-09 It wasn’t too nutritionally sound but it wasn’t too devoid either. I just craved chicken tenders and around this time of the month, I tend to be pretty low on iron so I let myself eat whatever form of meat I want. I like chicken more than I like beef or really any type of red meat and even though the chicken was breaded, it wasn’t too bad. I had a roll too. Deal with it πŸ˜€

Dinner was delicious. It involved salmon (recipe coming in another post–Double feature!) and sweet potato fries and some lentils.

Today’s bonus item is about my makeup routine. It’s super minimal, barely noticeable and makes me feel confident, beautiful and sexy. I don’t believe in foundation and only use concealer if I need to cover pimples. I also do not really use much to wash my face, except maybe cold cream once in a while because IRONICALLY anti-acne soaps make me break out and dry out at teh same time. I have psoriasis and its manifestations on parts of my face make me oily and dry at the same time. Here’s the makeup necessities:


On the left you’ll see the whole routine I do after I get out of the shower. I put cetaphil over my cheeks, edges of my nose and eyelids. I then smear vaseline on my eyebrows (it keeps them in place, darkens them a little and takes care of dryness in the skin there due to my psoriasis). Then I put vaseline on my lips (better than any chapstick!). On the right you’ll see the makeup lineup. I put eyeliner on my inner eyelid of my bottom lid. I don’t put it on top of my eyes unless I want to go for a much dramatic look (since my eyes are so BIG anyways). I think that little bit of eyeliner does so much for my eyes, making them look more dramatic and “exotic” haha. I then dust a bit of blush on the apples of my cheeks to bring out my high cheek bones. And then for gloss, I’ll tell you a little secret—The look I go for is the deliciouslly kissed lips look. meaning I just put a little bit of gloss on my bottom lip (remember there’s already some vasline smeared there). Then I rub my lips together to blend them together. And that’s it! Presto. I’ve taken some side by side pictures and put them together so you can see how my makeup routine looks:

me-with-and-without-makeupme-with-and-without-makeup5Just really subtle make up to make YOU feel confident more than anything. I also took this cheesy picture because it reminded me of the old school movies that always had a soft glow on the heroine to make her look extra soft and beautiful:

1950s heroineWhat can I say?! I’m a cheeseball! Now I’m off to write the second post for tonight’s double feature. I figure now’s a good time as any πŸ˜€


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