Rainy and Zany

It’s beautiful outside. My favorite weather which is thunder storms and rain and lightening. I’m weird right šŸ˜€ But the reason I love rain is because it’s followed me all my life from birth, to my first kiss, to my last five or six birthdays to my first date with my current boyfriend. When I was born it was raining cats and dogs, thundering and lightening. The other thing my mom remembers about the night is that she went into labor during Jesse Jackson’s speech. It rained the day I decided to go out with my first boyfriend. The day I first kissed him. My 16th birthday in Pakistan, my 17th bday in the Dominican Republic, my 18th birthday in Malaysia, my 19th birthday in Michigan and my 20th birthday at home in Massachusetts. It also rained the night on so many other special occasions in my life (some not really appropriate to mention here –hehe). On my first date with my current boyfriend, we were walking after eating dinner and it started raining hard. I was wearing a white cotton shirt and knew that if it got drenched, I’d be a total walking preview (with very little hidden) of my nude self. So I looked at my boyfriend and said “One of us is going to have fun in this rain. And I pick me–give me your shirt” haha. So he took off his shirt, and I was sad to see that not only was he wearing a white t-shirt (which I thought would be soaked, giving me a full view of his goods) but he was also wearing a white wifebeater underneath. Needless to say, the fun I had at that point was wearing his shirt on our first date šŸ˜€

Here are some gorgeous pictures of my driveway in the rain. I love the way our trees look, and the greenery that surrounds me in this weather. When it rains like this, I can see why the first settlers in MA, decided to call these collection of states NEW ENGLAND. It truly does feel like I’m in the UK šŸ˜€


The driveway in the rain

On top of that, I’ve been eating delicious food all day. I love waking up to breakfast because it’s soo full of possibilities and for me, it just feels great to see a day full of food ahead of me. My breakfasts are normally impulse eats, that I just want to eat that morning. I don’t try to be super super strict about my nutritious intake and normally try to squeeze in fruit in some form, tea and mostly carbs. Lately I’ve been eating this carbolicious trail mix like thing which is DIVINE (and not at all healthy—though not really unhealthy either šŸ˜€ ). I throw together Kashi Heart to heart cereal with some Annie’sĀ  Bunny Grahams(kind of like teddy grahams, but much more naturally made), 5-10 chocoltae chips and maybe some other health cereal like granola. I just eat that with a spoon and it is soo darn good! I love it to death.Ā  Here’ s a picture of it to give you a visual idea:

Bunny Breakfast

Bunny Breakfast

The reason why I love this so much is that it’s eating what I truly want, when I really want it–something all of us with food issues truly need to master. I don’t binge on it and it satisfies me. It also gives me a daily dose of chocolate and I don’t think about eating lunch for hours (which is exactly how normal ppl eat :D) I’m the kind of girl who thinks about food and food and food when I’m not eating exactly what I want to be eating, so this helps a lot in just satisfying me.

Luncher/Dinch was super good too–I’m calling it a hybrid of dinner-lunch because I ate it around 5 and so it’s kind of late for lunch, but too early for dinner too. I ate food from a feast my mom cooked last night. I ate daal (lentils), Bindhi (Okra) and some Palau (rice made from beef stock). If you’re hungry now, you’ll get really hungry once you see these pictures. Food is divine, as always when my mother cooks it.

Delicious Dinner with bindhi, daal and palau

I know I’m totally spoilt and will keep on savoring this food until I go back to college in September to go back to my experimental cooking ways. Until then, you and I both will keep enjoying this food porn šŸ˜€

Now I’m off to grab some chips (Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips) and some Chai (or tea for non-Urdu/Hindi speakers) and read some good ol’ Romance Novel. Lovin’ my life right now šŸ˜€


4 responses to “Rainy and Zany

  1. Hi, I love your new blog. I’ll will add your new URL to my blog roll!

  2. Visiting your new blog, your eats look delish can you ship them to me please???? šŸ™‚

  3. hey, thanks for delurking šŸ™‚ i love rainy weather too – but only rainy and warm, not cold like today.

  4. Beautiful photos!

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