My New Host

I have gotten a new host and decided to expand my blogging horizons. I love blogger but I felt that its options were more limiting than wordpress for a beginner. I originally developed Fabulously Fit to create a blog with my friend who was the main author for the blog and created the template (a little too dark for my taste). So I’m starting afresh, with a blank palate that can be filled with my colorful thoughts, and wide variety of pictures. I want this more to be like a diary than just a synopsis of my eating. I also want to be a lot more dedicated to this blog by posting daily with photos and ancedotes. A girl’s gotta dream big about her blogging life, right ;D

So onto today. Long day. I worked at the Gap from open to close, but was being paid time and a half, which made it a lot more durable. I enjoyed interacting with customers and helping people in t heir lives by helping them find denim soulmates. I did NOT like folding clothes or sorting clothes out in the fitting rooms. That’s not too fun. So after the day, this is how I look as soon as I go home: img_16192

So I don’t look too glamorous. Haha. I look just tired and real. This is how I look 99.99% of the time. And I think I look good. I mean natural and healthy. I have a smile on my face, which is what makes me pretty. Plus crazy wavy hair and eyes that are open (a big bonus at this hour of the day–7pm….yup I’m an old lady trapped in a young lady’s boday).

Today I rocked out the pencil skirt and decided to go slightly professional with a cotton blazer I have. Nothing too too fancy since it’s just work at the Gap, but each day I try a differnt look and today I wanted to be all profesh and stuff. Yup I said Profesh.

Deal with it.

I decided to wirte a little feature (and maybe make it a weekly or daily thing–who knows?! The options are endless with a camera!) But it’s a photo essay entitled

“Things I need, love and make me feel pretty”. Every girl needs to acknowledge these forces in her life and recognize howh special they are and necessary for the functioning of her day.

Things I need:img_16241These are three things I needed today. Every morning my beauty routine has to have cetaphil. That stuff is like miracle cream. I wash my face and put it on my cheeks, sides of my nose and eyes. It leaves me feeling soft and not too oily. I have some psoriasis on my face, and this stuff helps clear it right up. It trusly is my miracle potion!! A tampon because Aunty Flo has decided to spend some time with me this week. I just say hi and introduce her to my friend, Tampy McPadderson. It’s a great tradeoff. I dump her on tampy and she leaves me pretty chilled out. And this Johnson’s Oil Gel which is thicker than oil and is great after shaving. I just lather it on my legs and feel all shiny and moist. I definitely lift up my legs and point my toes out when I put on my baby oil, like I’m some sort of Burlesque dancer. Doesn’t everyone?!

Things I love:

img_16251Yup. Today I unabashedly claim my love of trashy, regency-era ROMANCE NOVELS. Nothing makes me feel better or more like a heroine than a good ol’ romance novel. Currently I’m reading this classic little piece and have the other two books of this little series on loan from the library. Good stuff. Seriously–I can’t live without them. I mean I do read all sorts of blogs, books, newspapers etc. But these are my go too book when I wanna feel special and oh-so-not ordinary.

Things that make me feel PURTY

img_16231Put on some red nailpolish. It makes me feel pretty about my feet. And it’s spring. So sandal season is fast approaching (or in my mind, already here) and nothing makes my feet look instantly better than some red nailpolish.

So that’s today’s feature. Maybe I’ll invent something new for tomorrow. Let’s see where my camera takes me 😀


4 responses to “My New Host

  1. While I don’t know if I’ll ever have the gumption to leave blogger myself I’m LOVING your new blog! The brightness of it all seems to be so much more “you” and I’m totally digging all the photos. Can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

  2. I like the new look! It is totally YOU! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!!

  3. Love your new blog home here! You’re right… we all need to focus on things we love and things that make us feel beautiful!!

  4. Hey hun….cute blog!! Congrats on getting a new host. It was the best thing I ever did.
    PS- I luuurve me some pencil skirts!

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